Top 10 Customized Xbox One Modded Controllers For Gaming

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Top 10 Customized Xbox One Modded Controllers For Gaming

A conversation that comes up almost once a week between my buddies & I revolves around which mods they think is the best for their Xbox One controller or which overall modded controller they’re going to buy.

Not sure why this is even coming up because they’re both always broke because they won’t stop throwing money at their girlfriends.

Wow, I almost got off on a rant there, sorry about that.

Now, like the title says this is only for Xbox controllers.

Here is a reference for PS4 Modded Controllers.

Alright, enough of this BS, let’s just get on to the list.

Black Night Xbox One ELITE Rapid Fire Custom Modded Controller 40 Mods

The Black Night is a simple to use controller that is created for all major shooter games. You do not need to make any configurations as it is very to use.

This controller takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. It comes with full adjustable rapid fire, drop shot, hitter, burst fire, mimic, akimbo, and a whole lot more.

It is compatible with Xbox One S and Xbox One. The package comes with the custom-made Microsoft modded controller and detailed instructions for ease of use.

Skulls Blue Xbox One Modded Controller Illuminating Design 40 Mods

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, there is the Skulls Blue Xbox One Modded Controller.

It is a controller for COD, BO3, & Advanced Warfare with features such as Jitter, Auto Aim, Auto Sprint, Jump Shot, and Fast Reload among many others.

It is 100% undetectable on your Xbox network and it is completely compatible with the latest first-person shooter. By using this controller, you can easily turn on/off rapid fire in just a second and change modes.

When you buy the Skulls Blue, it does not come with cables, batteries, or other accessories.

American Skull Xbox One Rapid Fire Custom Modded Controller 40 Mods

The American Skull Modded Controller is very simple to use. You can just directly plug it in without the need for any configuration.

To start playing Battlefield 1, COD BO3, Infinite Warfare, and AW among many others, you can just follow the instructions provided.

It comes with features like auto burst, drop shot, auto shot, and rapid fire. Other features include GOW Active Reload, and fully adjustable fast reload.

Scary Party 5000+ Modded Xbox One Controller

Another good modded controller that is reasonably priced is the Scary Party 5000+ which is designed for all kinds of shooter games.

For longer gaming time, it comes with an added grip. The controller has a unique design featuring a Soft touch Shell that comes with Red LED and Black Out buttons.

With this controller, you get to take your gaming session to a new level with its feature including sniper breath, jump shot, adjustable burst, dual trigger, auto aim, rapid fire, and jitter among many others.

Gold 9MM Xbox One Modded Controller

The Gold 9MM Xbox One Modded Controller has a relatively simpler design. But what you will like about this controller is that it comes with Dpad, thumbsticks, and metal bullet buttons.

It is 100% safe to use online as it is undetectable on Xbox life according to the maker of it.

The Gold 9MM is a 3.5 MM headset jack controller that has the following features: mimic, auto burst, adjustable burst, jump shot, sniper breath, quick scope, jitter, and auto aim.

BlackZone Controllers – Pro Modded XBOX ONE

The BlackZone has a simple and elegant black design that features 80+ Mod Combo that comes with unlocked Modchip.

It is designed for Advanced Warfare, Battlefield, Call of Duty, COD 1/2/3, and Ghosts among many others.

The controller features a Bluetooth technology and various MOD combinations that you can use simultaneously.

You can convert semi-auto weapons into full weapons allowing you to make different combinations.

7 Watts Xbox One Elite Bravo Modded Controller

The 7 Watts Xbox One Elite Bravo Modded Controller is relatively more expensive compared to the previous choices.

But it showcases a nice red designed controller that provides you with optimized speeds of gaming features like rapid fire, auto aim, quick scope, burst mode, and a whole lot more.

This controller is one of the top rated choices among gamers. There is no need for any programming and it comes with all instructions that is needed to use it with ease.

You can now plug your headset into your controller with it’s 3.5 mm stereo headset jack.

Xbox One Modded Rapid Fire Controller by Premium Controllerz

If you want to have a cheaper alternative, there is the Premium Controllerz.

This is a 2017 modded controller that offers you fast rapid-fire speed which includes blue LEDs and blue buttons.

It comes in different modes like mimic, quick aim, auto aim, quick scope, drop shot, akimbo, and much more. There is a custom button that allows you to change mode easily.

By using the Xbox One Modded Rapid Fire Controller, you can be sure that it is completely undetectable online.

BlackZone Controllers – Red Nightmare Modded Xbox One Controller

The BlackZone Controller is a beautifully designed modded controller that features KDR kill accelerator.

In the rapid fire mode, you can convert assault and even burst weapons into full auto weapons.

It has an instant mode entry feature that enables you to select or even deselect any mode depending on your gaming style.

Get to change views depending on your preference for its auto-aim feature. This controller is designed for COD, Black Ops, and FPS games.

Custom “Soft Touch” Feel – Custom Xbox One Controller (Joker)

The Xbox One Wireless Controller by Custom Controllerzz is a reasonably priced controller that features this unique Joker design. It is a soft touch modded controller that is customized to elevate your gaming experience.

With an added grip, you get to experience more quality games instead of just using an ordinary controller.

You also get to choose among a wide range of colors depending on your specific gaming style and other preferences.

The controller is tested by certified techniques so you can be sure it is built to last.

Wrap Up

When playing your favorite game in Xbox especially for games like Black Ops, Gears of War 3, etc., you want a well-designed and comfortable to use modded controller.

There is a wide range of good choices depending on your budget and personal preferences.

Hopefully, our list of the 10 of the best customized Xbox modded controllers for gaming.

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