The Pros & Cons Of The Xbox One X

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The Pros & Cons Of The Xbox One X

My pick for the pros & cons of the Xbox One X may fall in line with most other gamers out there but I still wanted to talk about it.

First off I want to start off saying that I have not had an Xbox since back when I had a 360, which I had to sell to pay for a speeding ticket (had a lot that year).

I was less than happy with the Xbox 360 because I had to send it back about 5 times because of the infamous red ring of death.

With that being said, I moved onto PlayStation as my console of choice.

While I thought this was going to be a permanent move, the Xbox One X has pulled me back in.

Xbox One X Unboxing Video

This isn’t me but a fun unboxing video to watch of the Xbox One X.

What I Like About The Xbox One X

  • I like they decided not to focus on the Kinect but rather focus on the actual power (not wattage type power) I mean how well it performs.
  • The Controller – I’ve always liked the Xbox controller more than any other controller out there. (Except the original Xbox controller, that thing was massive!)
  • The Size – With them being able to make bring it down makes it much easier for me to put on a crowded TV Stand.

What I Don’t Like About The Xbox One X

  • Will get back to you on this, don’t want to jump the gun here.

Is It Worth Upgrading From A Regular Xbox One To An Xbox One X?

This is hard to say per person because of we each have different budgets.

I will say if you don’t have a 4k TV to hook it up to then I wouldn’t.

With that being said, it all comes down to how much does the graphics look of the game matter to you.

I have some friends who I think that don’t even really like playing videos but just like to see how awesome they can get their graphics looking (PC Gaming).

I know this isn’t much of an answer but there’s is to many variables to give you a simple yes or no answer here.

Xbox One X Release Date

Xbox One X is came out on November 7th 2017.

I most likely will not be waiting in line to get one but rather wait until after the holidays before I pick one up.

I am looking forward to the unboxing videos of the when they come out, because that’s just how much of a nerd I am.


If you’re trying to decide between the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X then just ask yourself, what would they do in South Park to decide?

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the One X to come out.

What would really make it better is if there were more MMO games coming out on Xbox.

I have become much more of an mmo gamer over the years so this is something that would just make me downright giddy if we started to see a more console focused mmo market of games start to come out.

Anyways enough rambling from me, until next time ladies & gents!

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