SteelBattalion was created to help gamers achieve the ultimate gaming dream of being able to play video games for a living.

Like a lot of gamers we would love to spend all day playing videos games & getting paid for it.

Enter Twitch.Tv & YouTube, these two sites have made a lot of gamers dreams come true by allowing them to do just that, gaming for a living!

Well maybe not all make it to earning a living off of it, however it does make for some good side income.

I have plenty of experience with doing both recording videos for YouTube & streaming on Twitch.

Something that most people don’t tell you is how difficult it is to get everything setup software & other equipment wise to be able to do this.

So with that being said, I’ve decided to dedicate a lot of this website to trying to help out others pick out the best equipment to use when streaming/recording while gaming.

Even though this will be a strong focus of the site, I’ll also have a more general type section where I’ll just talk about video games in general with some nostalgia thrown in here in there.

My overall goal is to eventually setup a YouTube channel for this site, where I’ll do hands on reviews and how to videos.

I much rather enjoy typing about, behind the comfort of a website though, because being recorded still brings out some nerves in me.

Alas We Have Come To The End…

I’ll have a contact page setup so that if anyone has any suggestions or questions then you can feel free to shoot me an email.

If this site ever starts to generate enough income, I would like to take that money and be able to give away some streaming/recording products to help others out.