Photos of the Product itself
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7 - The UK Box art :: 02.22.04
Again, courtesy of The_tonberry_killer; this is the UK cover art for LoC; cooler than the US packaging? You decide.

6 - The UK Package :: 02.22.04
This is what you get when you buy the package in the UK; it includes the controller and the new online game. Us suckers in the states don't have this option. Courtesy of The_tonberry_killer.

5 - In its plastic :: 02.08.04
After you open the box, everything is in plastic. It looks like this. Open it quick! It can't breath!

4 - The Full Controller :: 02.08.04
Here's what you play the game with. The controller and the pedals. Sweetness.

3 - The Lovely Box :: 02.08.04
This is a great shot of just the Box you get when you order the behemoth.

2 - LOC Box Art :: 02.07.04
This is what the Game Box for Line of Contact should look something like.

1 - Foot Pedals :: 02.07.04
We have an entire section dedicated to just the controller. This is just the footpedals.

0 - The Whole Package :: 02.07.04
This is an image of everything you get when you purchase Steel Battalion. Case, Controller, Footpedals, Software, Manual, etc.