Amazing Cabinets and Environments ideal for Steel Battalion
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6 - The Command Station :: 02.06.05
A brilliantly designed, super affordable stand built by member of the community tualagoodknight, specifically for Steel Battalion. More pics and ordering info at: Capital Diecast.

5 - Ultimate Control Console :: 04.22.04
These folks designed and constructed this wonderful, modular cockpit specifically for Steel Battalion. Of course you can use it for other uses but ... why the hack would you wanna do that? Checkit: 'Ultimate Control Console.'

4 - Freakin' Rad Helmet :: 02.26.04
The Japanese Market for stuff like this actually exists. That's why I'm a jealous man. Brought to you by 'prototype.'

3 - Personal Computing Environment :: 02.08.04
Yeah; if by "Computing" you mean huge metal butt kicking.

2 - Microsphere's M1 workstation :: 02.08.04
This would work perfectly for a SB setup. Check it out at

1 - Steel Armor Cockpit :: 02.08.04
If you drive your VT like a racecar, this one's for you.

0 - Steel Battalion by Prototype :: 02.08.04
The Steel Battalion specific getup made by 'prototype.'