Killzone 3 Exoskeletons are rad.


The Killzone 3 Exoskeletons make a dope study for how a new Steel Battalion could be made using motion control. I hate motion control, but in this case I think I could definitely make an exception. And by "this case" I mean my imagination.


New Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor game for XBox 360 and Kinect?!


Check this out. My first reaction was "HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!" And then I was excited. And then I thought about it and was concerned about the control scheme using Kinect instead of The Controller. And then I watched the video, and the VTs look less like Steel Battalion and more like Chrome Hounds. I think this needs much discussion in the forums.

Steel Battalion at PAX!


This is awesome! They had a 5 v 5 LAN setup at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) Boston this spring. If I had known this was going to happen, I'd have bought tickets.

Happy birthday, LOC!


What game has the staying power of LoC? Nothing. We still play, we still scheme, and we are still learning things about this incredible game. Word to all of your moms.

Two Years Later ... Steel Battalion Lives!


Just a friendly neighborhood reminder that there are still a ton of pilots out there playing this game. Just log on and play! You'll see! There are 3 games going on at this very moment as a matter of fact.

A Smidge of Good News


It's official; they are going to be deploying a patch to unlock everything for free mode. KingLeerUK alerted me to a post on the capcom forums where the following was stated:

"I am happy to report that we plan to release a patch to unlock the items acquirable only by going online. We hope to have this patch available sometime shortly after the closure of Online Campaign Mode."

It's a sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad world


Looks like Capcom has decided to take down the campaign servers at the end of the month. It's a true shame.

"As of Friday September 30th, 10:00AM-12:00PM PST, Capcom will be ending the online services for Campaign Mode of Steel Battalion. We appreciate your continued support of our product, and sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Thank you for your understanding of this matter.

However, we will continue services and support for both Free Mission Mode and System Link play."

Line of Contact Dot Net


There is some data on about line of contact. There is also plenty of data on the Game on Line of Contact Dot Net. And by "plenty" I mean more than you could possibly freakin' imagine. Thanks and props to KingLeerUK for the amazing site. Check it out!

The Command Station


Just added another great consumer controller stand built for steel battalion to the media section. It's the kickass Command Station built by Capital Diecast.

The Verdict is IN


Halo 2 is out, and it is officially NOT devoid of giant devastating robots. For this I give Halo 2 a high 5. It has, however, officially made everyone stop playing LoC -- and for that I give Halo 2 a big F off.

Capcom Updated Something. SERIOUSLY!!


Apparently, today when you start up the game, it'll ask you to download an update. And yes ladies and gentlemen; the update is actually a minor (or major ... depending on how you look at it) network code fix. Some people who could not play at all in the past have reported being able to play. It's still a silly bandwidth hog (4 vs 4 and 5 vs 5 in your dreams you sissy) ... but it's opening its doors to more users with varying ISPs. So THAT is certainly something to sing about. Tralalala.

New Setups Added


I added DWraith's setup, and updated mine since I've moved. Check 'em out in the setups section.

Some VERY cool Drawings


Just uploaded some amazing drawings of weapons to the concept drawing section of the media section.

Finally! An update!


Well, since tonberry asked for it in the forums I figured I'd get myself together and finish the VT Catalog now that all the VTs are out. And have been for months. Shut up. So everything's in there, I'm just missing some info on a couple weapons and images of the Earthshaker and the Jaralaccs NS-R that don't suck. Rock!

An apology.


I recognize that it's been 3 weeks since my last update, and there are some massive gaping holes in all of the exciting elements of the site; like the VT catalog, and the map list etc. I'm still waiting to close on my apartment, so I'm homeless and haven't turned on an xbox in 3 weeks. I'm using Starbucks' bandwidth to write this. So please forgive me, and know that updates are coming. I miss you all dearly.

Maps are rad.


For those of you who don't have the game (YET), I put up a section showing the maps from Line of Contact. You can get to it from the online:loc page. Also, "they" released a whole mess of new VTs (with some sexy new weapons) so the VT Catalog has been updated. I'm still missing the Rapier.

Mercenaries ROCK.


The Jarlaccs Mercenary Forces are in the house, and they're ready to rupture your cockpit, so get out there and rock. Their VTs and kick ass weapons have been added to the VT Catalog.

This Feature is cooler than That feature.


I toiled for hours in the basement hindered only by the rats to bring you the VT comparing thing I hope you like it!

We were all new to this game at some point ...


The good "DareDevil" has blessed us with an article about how to kick ass if you're a n00b. You can find it here or by clickin' the link to it from the manual page. Oh; and today we will finally put to rest the rumors about the 2nd generation VTs being released. See you online for some override duels!

Funtimes All Around


Now "they" have told us that they shall officially take the game down every day for a half an hour' from 6:30am to 7:00am. They've also acknowledged that their game is seriously F'd up; as stated at And I quote: "Being trouble at the time of campaign mode playing has been ascertained, presently we do the correction job." Lord knows I'm comforted! No, really! read more ...

Right Brothers are in the HOUSE!


"They" just released the Right Brothers Faction into the fray. Their initial VT is the Colt. They aren't particularly great VTs, but they do have Marker Rounds. That is very cool. Also available are new Scare Face A1's, and Colt Executives. More info on 'em all in the VT Catalog. Rock out.

More Fixes Coming. And some Goodies.


Seriously. Check out the Online:LoC section for a wonderful translation of the latest update they're planning on march 7th (from -- because capcom USA doesn't know how to use a translator, or change its web page). In other news, I rebuilt the warfare section so it's now more organized, and added a Communications Tutorial section because I know a lot of people are confused about how the hell to talk to people in the middle of a match.

A Happy Scheduled Maintenence.


I can only hope that by "maintenence" they mean "we're fixing the busted game we released." If so, then woot dang! It's battle time! Taken from, and posted in the forums by Sierex (translated lusciously by Babelfish):

< Maintenance day and time >
March 5th (the gold) from 6 o'clock in the morning 1 hour to 7 o'clock :: Inconvenience annoyance is applied, but that no soldier/finishing acknowledgement, we ask. Furthermore, usually sort you can enjoy concerning free play mode and system link mode.

We've decided that 6 o'clock is probably GMT, so that means that by tomorrow we'll either notice some changes or need another cheesesteak.

Because I hate hating.


In the Online:LoC section I put some information regarding the LoC connectivity issues. I'll post whatever news I have regarding the progress if this problem there. And probable here. And probably on the forums as well.

Updates and stfu.


I put up some fun images of BoxCar and me doing some damage to a poor soul in a Vitzh. Campaign mode still seems busted, but fortunately the Japanese seem to know, and have fessed up to the game having serious problems. This is a good thing (thanks to Abou 3bbas for easing my heart). Update: I overhauled the controller section to include pics of the old and new controllers side by side, and a new diagram of the entire controller, as well as adding LoC functionality to the button explanations via asterisks. Clever, I know. I'm also slowly but surely eliminating all the parts of the page that have "speculative" information about the game, except where still applicable (like anything regarding Jarlaccs and Right Brothers etc).

The Game. THE GAME.


Okay; so FINALLY many of us got our hands on the game today. I played for 14 hours straight, I'm proud to say. I'll be working on a full review soon; but at the moment I'll just say this: The game freakin' rocks. There are some MAJOR disappointments in many areas of the game, but once you get used to them (like not playing campaign mode AT ALL) the free missions are an absolute blast. In other news, there's an interview with me (whoa! Me?!) over at Check it out and read all about "it" and stuff.The Interview. Wee!

Stuff hither and thither.


Well, it's D-Day and we're all waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for our EBGames Shipment to arrive, or for the UPS folks to arrive with our little green package. I figured I'd fill my time by looking for some new bits of SB fun online, rather than sitting here twiddling my thumbs. I've found some toys and a crazy piece of hardware. Enjoy!

Another Movie, The Brits show off their goods...


The_tonberry_killer was good enough to send some images of the UK packages, so I put 'em up in the products section. I also got curious about falling off a cliff, so I put a movie up of myself going straight off a cliff in mission 2 in the SB Movies section. Check it out if you are also curious.

Considerable Swanky Updates


I updated and enhanced the VT Catalog section to now have cross-referenceable weapon lists, with info on each weapon. Fun! I added some drawings I've done of VTs in a doodles section, accessible from the media section.

New Content and Section


Check out the brand spankin' new VT Catalog section! Finally uploaded controller Dimensions in the controller section. Found a billion kick ass desktops at and brought them over here for your pleasure.

New Features and Content


There is now a section on community setups in the media section. Check it out! If you want your setup to be included please email me your pic(s) and a couple sentences about your setup. Also there are some new products in the consumer products section (also on the media page), some of which I was alerted to on another new Steel Battalion site: Go check out their site and support the Steel Battalion community. Rock!

Welcome to the new


If you don't already know, Steel Battalion is that kick ass mech game with the huge crazy controller that nobody believes actually exists.
If you don't know anything about Steel Battalion, or are skeptical about the game, check out the "Why Buy It?" section.
If you're already part of the Steel Battalion community, welcome to yet another fansite. Thanks for visiting! If you've got questions or comments, you can contact me at